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What To Expect

Initially, I offer a 30 minute free consultation online or via telephone. This is an opportunity for me to explain what the therapy sessions could offer, for you to ask any questions and to see whether it feels like we could work together. I offer short or long term therapy, face to face or online .


The therapy sessions are offered in a safe , non -judgemental and calm space. During the sessions we will have time to ensure I can give you my undivided attention to listen to what you need to talk through , at your pace and focus on your needs. At the heart of therapy is the therapeutic relationship  this is an essential ingredient in building trust and understanding.


Within the sessions I can offer you an opportunity to make sense of your feelings, emotions and patterns of behaviours and help you to understand yourself better . We can also look together at how to resolve complicated feelings or explore ways to live with them . I can support you in recognising unwanted patterns of thinking or acting and explore altering these patterns if you chose to.


I offer integrative counselling in therapy sessions,  this means using a blend of theoretical approaches, related to past and present, tailored to meet your individual needs . This is a collaborative approach and it can be adapted to enable the work that we do together to take place and to determine how you want to move forward and the best way to facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself.  In addition to talking through issues, this may involve mindfulness and some creative techniques to better understand and support you.  


Our first session will include an opportunity for me to learn about you and your expectations of therapy. I will offer regular reviews to look at how you are experiencing the therapy  and discuss any changes you might be looking for in the sessions.


In person sessions can be at one of two  locations according to your preference and subject to availability. This would be either in Oakley or Wheatley. 

Please see the maps below.

Wheatley Complementary Therapy Clinic.

45A High Street,


Oxford. OX33 1XX  







07761 061610

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